The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance
The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance
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The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance
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Sponsorship & Exhibition

The organisers greatly appreciate all the support they receive for the Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance meeting.

Without the backing of these companies, we would not be able to provide the refreshments and facilities at the meeting.

BBEP 2012
Gatorade Sports Science Institute CamNtech Cambridge Electronic Design Cranlea
Major Sponsor Stand
Gatorade Sports Science Institute
Stand 1
Stand 2
Cambridge Electronic Design
Stand 3
BBEP 2012
HaB International Digitimer Delsys Linton Instrumentation
Stand 4
HaB International
Stand 5
Stand 6
Stand 7
Linton Instrumentation
BBEP 2012
Moor Instruments Artinis Medical Systems The Physiological Society Wiley-Blackwell
Stand 8
Moor Instruments
Stand 9
Artinis Medical Systems
Stand 10
The Physiological Society
Stand 11
BBEP 2012
Salimetrics Europe Summit Medical and Scientific Equivital COSMED
Stand 12
Salimetrics Europe
Stand 13
Summit Medical and Scientific
Stand 14
Stand 15
BBEP 2012
ADInstruments Noxygen Science Transfer & Diagnostics BBSRC British Pharmacological Society
Stand 16
Stand 17
Noxygen Science Transfer & Diagnostics
Stand 18
Stand 19
British Pharmacological Society
The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance


The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance

Joint Meeting of The Physiological Society, the British Pharmacological Society and Wiley-Blackwell; supported by Gatorade Sports Science Institute.
The Physiological Society British Pharmacological Society Wiley-Blackwell Gatorade Sports Science Institute
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The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance
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The Journal of Physiology

British Journal of Pharmacology

Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports

Experimental Physiology

The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance

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